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glory54 added a title to their For later shelf Nov 25 2017
"An exciting new series featuring woman-on-the-run Elizabeth Miles--from the beloved national bestselling author of the Gaslight Mysteries. Every woman plays a part--but some are more dangerous than others...Like most women, Elizabeth Miles...
glory54 made a comment Nov 24 2017
John Denver
DVD - 1999
"Just watched and loved seeing him perform, not just hearing him sing. It was an intimate setting which made it more personal. About 30 songs on the DVD. Recorded only 2 years before he died!" Permalink
glory54 made a comment Nov 02 2017
"grisham writes a realistic summary of how a mentally ill person can slide down into oblivion and beyond help. it's better than most all I've read. Too bad the rest of the plot can't be praised the same. I'm finding his books slow, tedious and labo..." Permalink
glory54 made a comment Oct 21 2017
Wonder Woman
DVD - 2017
"this Wonder woman has a wonderful and surprising plot. imaginative and detailed. the plot-driven characters are 3-dimensional. the "bad guys" are a surprise. very enjoyable and the BEST WOMAN WINS!" Permalink
glory54 made a comment Aug 25 2017
"This is the best of the "alphabet verb" books. Exposed is so multifacedted and ends so great, it took my breath away. It was the perfect blend of all of the characters, showed growth of the characters and had an ending that worked well. ..." Permalink
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