Shakedown How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights By Levant, Ezra Book - 2009

One could argue that in 2016 this book has become irrelevant. After all, the Harper government eliminated Section 13 of the CHRA - an accomplishment that they should have bragged about on the campaign trail. But since this book's publication, the "hate crimes" section has been upheld by a left-wing judge (although the financial penalties section was scrapped). This means that any future government could easily bring back these undemocratic and anti-free speech laws, which Ezra Levant eloquently argues against. And don't be fooled - the pond scum mentioned in Shakedown have simply bided their time - waiting for their ultimate wet dream in the form of a substitute drama teacher to assume power. Given his prior statements, I'm sure little Justin would love to prosecute "hate speech" (read: free speech that liberals don't like) cases so no one's feelings get hurt. So if you haven't already, read this book and see what the future may have in store. On a side note: while I agree with Ezra 90% of the time, his argument that "human rights" commissions were originally created for the right reasons is utterly false. In regards to so-called fair housing and employment discrimination, it is no one's business who a private company hires or who they service unless they are a monopoly supplier. Likewise, it is not the government's job to bring "diversity" to a neighbourhood that doesn't want it.

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