Ah, this is a tough one. Been reading this author for years & I'm a huge fan but this book was just not for me. Roberta Steel (from most of the Logan McRae series) takes centre stage as MC & all I can say is you'd better be one of her biggest fans to enjoy this outing.

The good stuff: a twisty mystery with a proper bad guy you desperately want to see get what he so karmically deserves.

What I didn't enjoy: 24/7 Roberta in all her grumpy, raunchy, scratching glory. She has a shiny new partner here & the mystery aspect of the plot takes a back seat as we are treated to a modern version of the Keystone Cops. They fall, trip, get splattered & assaulted over & over again in an attempt at physical screwball comedy that began to wear thin.

She's an original, I'll give her that. But I think this will be best enjoyed by readers who find her hilarious & are fans of the Three Stooges brand of humour.

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