Classic Le Carré! Who but he can write of Cold War spycraft at its most byzantine? Of humans with loves and losses, emotions, beliefs and hopes and foibles? But more so, it can be used as a primer for our times!
For the Cold War is back on, whether or not feckless Americans choose to recognize this. China is waging a // soft war \\ on America: cyber warfare to steal Pentagon weapons systems, flooding America with Fentanyl and unleashing economic warfare across the nation by way of real estate speculation, et cetera, while super-greedy realtors and crooked politicians look the other way! And Donald Trump - - the ideal Manchurian Candidate - - doing massive real estate/money laundering deals with the Russians.
Meanwhile in Seattle, we see a candidate for mayor [Jenny Durkan] who wants the identities - - from the public record - - of buyers of large amounts of real estate to be kept secret - - just as the King County Assessor also wants their identities to be kept secret - - just as President Trump does also!?!?!?!
Close scrutiny of money flows indicate that the same sources are financing Antifas and white supremacy groups - - the ignorant scoff at this, but this is classic Cold War spycraft!
The other proclaim religious freedom in America for Sunni Muslims - - yet we [the truth seekers] witness Sunnis slaughtering Akmedi Muslims from Glasgow to Pakistan, and daily suicide bombings against Shi'a Mulsims. How dare anyone speak of religious freedom in this context! Meanwhile, both UNICEF and the Population Reference Bureau estimate that over one-half million young women and girls have been victims of Female Genital Mutilation on American soil - - ON AMERICAN SOIL! How dare anyone speak of religious freedom in this context!
Yes, we are beyond the bizarre - - and this is a great novel on Cold War spycraft - - and a primer for our times!

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