The artwork on the cover is beautiful and evokes many of the same feelings as the prose inside the book.

This story fascinated me. Do you live your life differently if you know the day of your death? Or, as the fortune teller claims are you the same person all of your life and knowing what type of person you are helps her to tell you the day of your death?

After Varya, Daniel, Klara and Simon visit the fortuneteller the book focuses on each of them as they live their lives in the light of that knowledge. The prose is beautiful, but I was reminded of the wise man in Ecclesiastes. It seemed that they were striving after the wind (Ecc 1:14). As we read their stories, we realize that though they believe they have some sense of control over their lifespan, they do not live well in the knowledge. There is much to ponder here and this book would be an excellent choice for a book group.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 (ESV)

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