Interesting main character: has the smarts but only uses them to work out a deal or get out of trouble. Since she lives in the only city on the Moon --Artemis-- she has all the advantages and difficulties the Moon provides: 1/6th gravity, no atmosphere except in the city, etc.... She is a porter with a side of smuggling, but only slightly illegal smuggling. She tends to screw standard things up, but has several loyal or situational friends--so unexpected even to her.
The plot involves several capers (all to improve her lot) & when things go wrong she finds unexpected obstacles and structures she has to understand then use to get out of trouble.
Artemis, the city, is explored and explained through her eyes. We get to see the Apollo 11 landing site and visitor center, the tourist industry, city domes, safety features, volunteer fire department, law enforcement, innovative economics, Resource (Aluminum, oxygen and glass) extraction, transportation (space and surface) etc. The maps helped orient the city for us.
The author dedicated the book to the Astronauts who went to the moon, but orbited it while the others went to the surface. I only recognized 2 names & all of them deserve more credit--they were vital to the mission.

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