"Family comes in different ways, she thought: sometimes they are given to you. but sometimes you find them yourself, unexpectedly, as you go through life. This is perhaps not all that well known, but it is still true."

In many ways, the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series takes place in a sanitized Botswana where the characters have changing circumstances but basically remain the same: Mma Ramotswe following where inquiries lead her; Mma Makutsi prickly and opinionated; J.L.B. Katekoni stalwart; and Charlie the rather feckless apprentice.

This latest book takes Ramotswe on an inquiry above a woman wrongfully fired from a furniture store, which leads to related circumstances of an office furniture store that may have consequences for Makutsi, the discovery of another woman with the Ramotswe name, and information that Ramotswe's ex-husband Note was seen around the area.

The facts that end up resolving each of these plotlines disprove many of the assumptions made about each case.

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