Hardcore Twenty-four
Hardcore Twenty-four A Stephanie Plum Novel By Evanovich, Janet Book - 2017

I was quite disappointed in this one! After waiting so long for the new Stephanie Plum novel, I found this one to be even fluffier than the rest of the series (an accomplishment for a series that is on the lighter side of comedy/mystery). I was also disappointed that the character of Diesel was introduced as a regular into the Stephanie Plum cannon -rather than as he has been, a regular in the 'seasonal one-offs' such as Plum Spooky or Plum Lovin'. This is especially annoying because the author doesn't do much with him...

In a series that already has the main character in constant confusion over the men in her life---adding an additional man who doesn't add much to the plot or character development seems unnecessary!

Worth a read if you're a Plum fan, but don't expect too much!

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