First off, I'm not answering what may be some readers first question. Lynch didn’t even show up until half way through the book. Which is neither here nor there as a clue.
Okay, back to the real review. This is a series featuring Kendra Michaels, who regained her sight after surgical intervention. Because of her amazing skills of observation from all of her senses, she is often called into consult by the FBI. She is a reluctant consultant, but her skills are key to solving serious crimes.
The crimes are horrific, the leads confusing, and the San Diego police and FBI office are baffled. Then it gets much worse. Everyone close to Kendra becomes a target. Because most of those targets love her and are as protective as she, they fight her attempts to cocoon them and from being there for her. Not a problem for the killer as it turns out. It's especially frustrating because Kendra's friends are such engaging well done characters. Never do I think of them as "Looks like plant food to me."
I am giving this book four stars mostly on the basis of the killer. What they discover about the souvenirs found at the crime scene is as chilling and original as I've come across in a serial-killer book in a long time.
Gather 'round for quibble time. Metcalfe, mid twenties and FBI agent-can't really happen. Twenty-three is minimum age and in truth, three years experience in one job is almost always required. Twenty-three for an FDLE agent? Almost impossible, unless things have changed radically since I left. Another quibble, if my life was in danger from a serial killer, you can be damn sure I would accept any help, the heck with being an independent man or woman. I’m talking to you Olivia, Jesse, and even Adam.
The jacket description is spoiler city. Which is too bad, some of the pleasures of this book should have been left to the reading of the book.
Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC. I've been reading the Johansen(s) books since the beginning so this was a treat.

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