I read an advanced (uncorrected proof) of the latest in the Cassie Dewell series. No spoilers, I promise. It's great. If you've followed the other books, you will continue on the search that was begun by Cody Hoyt and carried on by Cassie for the Lizard King. She has tracked the truck driver once again- the man who lures prostitutes into his truck and kidnaps them, and making their bodies vanish. Cassie has a full proof plan with the support of the North Dakota police department. But then everything goes wrong.
You'll see a couple of other familiar faces from previous books here, including a favorite from the Cody Hoyt books appear once again. It's a good read, and highly entertaining, and I really like what Box has done creating this series and hunt with Cassie, and her obsession with catching this killer, and carrying on Cody Hoyt's determined, but sketchy methods, to even more of a degree, in this book.
I'd like to get to know Cassie a bit more as a person beyond her love of her kid and her desire to track down the bad guy. She could be a good one to dive into more character analysis.

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