Gosh that Jonathan Kellerman fella sure can write. I can tell from all of the awards he has won over the years.
Seriously now, wife Faye Kellerman is also an outstanding writer, so son Jesse has some serious writing chops in his background. Jonathan and Jesse have teamed up to write the first in a series featuring Clay Edison, a deputy assigned as a death investigator with the Coroner's bureau of Alameda County in California.
Edison's job is strictly to help determine the manner of death whether it be homicide, suicide, accidental, natural causes or undetermined. He investigates the scene of the death looking for information that would aid in the determination. Is there a shoe untied on the body near a flight of stairs? Is there a knife sticking out of the body? It is not Edison's job to figure out the who or the why, just the how.
But in the recent death of Dr Walter Rennart he is drawn into a deeper investigation by the doctor's beautiful daughter Tatiania who insists her father was murdered despite everything pointing to a natural death. It is an earlier murder of a young coed that Dr Rennart lost his reputation over that soon piques Edison's interest.
There is a special delight in getting in on the ground of a new series, especially one that seem like it will go places. Clay Edison is a thoughtful character who has much room to grow in the following books.
I've always read Jonathan Kellerman. He writes a hell of a story. Problem is, I'm not overly fond of elitist Dr. Delaware. So I am hoping I continue to like Clay Edison as much as I do in this book.
I'm not sure if this makes much sense but I really liked the plot, it was very well -written, however the whodunnit was way too easy to figure out. I didn't feel challenged at all.
I mentally took half star off for using the word spectating. Why did spectate/spectating as a verb suddenly start showing up? What's wrong with watch? Maybe Edison was just using it ironically.
This is a great start to a new series. Oh heck, I just realized the drawback of a new series, waiting another year for the next installment.
Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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