Moon Chosen
Moon Chosen Tales of A New World By Cast, P. C. Book - 2016

Oh. My... no. This book needs work. It starts out so slow with too many details. I loved P.C. Cast's original series and the initial few House of Night books... but this... ugh... I love Shepherds, I do! (Have owned 2 WGSDs/Berger Blancs!!) ...but this was trying too hard to be too many things and check off all the categories.
Sorry... I'm slogging through this book just to finish it and hoping it gets better. The idea is good but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe because a lot of stuff is not explained well or not at all...
There are a few swear words so far and the main characters are in their late teens - Mari (18) and early 20s - Nik (23) so this is going to be geared toward older teens more so than tweens... there's a scene where an animal is essentially tortured by being flayed alive by Dead Eye (21 years old).
The main character, Mari, is annoying - I am getting a saccharine/simpering feeling from her.... reminiscent in a way of Bella from TwiBlight/50Shades who was blah.
We will see how this turns out... *Fingers Crossed*

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