I enjoyed Savannah Reid much more before she married her partner/friend/nemesis/love Dirk. They were both more interesting. They're married and now it's constant ruminating on Dirks faults and how she loves him anyway and he loves her as she indulges his poor manners and big appetite. Yawn.

'And the Killer Is . . .' is like too many mysteries these days, with focus too many side stories and uninteresting red herrings, until, voila! the story is solved. It's like eating a salad for dinner. It's a good salad with interesting components but by bedtime you are hungry again.

'And the Killer Is . . .' is sadly quite boring and nauseatingly repetitive. All the main characters are all getting stagnant and predictable. It would be my last Savannah Reid novel except they are getting a new family member as well as a Reid sister who has moved to California. I'm not sure it will rescue Savannah from the stars in her eyes and awful Dirk dialogue, but I'll probably to give it a (last) chance.

3.5 stars

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