The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods

DVD - 2012
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Apr 30, 2020

A solid parody of horror films. A horror comedy with a huge emphasis on comedy.

Overall, this was an ok movie. I liked how it was different from other horror movies! Interesting plot, cool monsters and overall cool how others can control it. However the characters weren’t very likeable and the ending was 100% terrible and dumb. The movie was ok before but the ending ruined it completely. The show was definitely weird but the characters were smartest at least one of them. Overall okish movie until the end which sucks.

To all the previous low star reviewers: don't take this movie so seriously. If you don't like horror movies, make another choice! If you love horror movies, this one is for you. It's an homage, with a serious wink and nod, to every horror trope, every classic (and not-yet-classic) horror monster, every stereotypical character, all wrapped up in one hilariously entertaining movie. It's smart and funny, and yes, there will be gore. Smart and funny gore. I love it.

Dec 02, 2019

Best movie Ever.

Oct 15, 2019

I'm an ardent Joss Whedon fan, but I find violent horror movies unpleasant and pointless. So what to make of a violent horror movie made by my idol? Unfortunately, despite Whedon's usual gifts for terrific casting and cleverly and humorously standing cliches on their heads, there is more of the slasher flick than the smart-with-a-heart Whedon tale about Cabin in the Woods. To be fair, I would not want Whedon to just keep turning out the same old thing, and horror movies are not my cup of tea, so others may differ. The cast is quite good and the humor is sharp as the usual horror clichés are simultaneously repeated, lampooned, and given semi-reasonable explanations. All in all the movie was a mixed experience for me but mostly positive.

ArapahoeKayla Oct 12, 2019

Classic horror movie feel but with plenty of twist, you’ll never guess who the real monsters are.

Jul 14, 2019

Interesting horror movie. Don't know how to feel about the direction they took.

Dec 11, 2018

Bad choice. Expected more.

Nov 01, 2018

Not as much scary as funny bloody thriller, but its very creative. Sadly the more you know the less it will surprise you so I suggest just taking the dive and watching it.

IndyPL_KaseyP Oct 31, 2018

Like Scream before it, this movie satirizes horror, breaking down it's conventions, and calling them out. Unlike many previous horror comedies, Cabin in the Woods develops an interesting story reason for the satire. Viewers are treated to a taste of monsters and gore, then the narrative veers off into a weirdly philosophical space, then to all-out mayhem. The twists keep on coming until you don't know which way is up. And the ending is one that no horror fan could predict. Highly enjoyable!

SPPL_Kristen Mar 20, 2018

Both funny and genuinely scary; truly entertaining.

Jan 14, 2018

Sadism and misogyny overly taint what could have been a much better horror film: what if Evil Scientists set up a control grid that set people's "reality" in a survivor game show format? The ending is nonsensical and the monster gallery veers into the comic. That said, the first part of the film is an interesting concept.

Sep 15, 2017

I liked it!

SaraLovesBooks Dec 05, 2016

This movie is one of the finest examples of satire I have ever seen. It took all of the typical conventions of the slasher film: the slut, the virgin, the stoner, the jock, and the nerd going to the aforementioned cabin in the woods, and turns them on their head. Along the way, it also makes biting statements about the human condition. Fans of slasher films will enjoy this film, as it does contain all of the tropes of slasher films, but I think it will also surprise slasher fans in what it does with them. There are many scenes of graphic gore and violence that are played for laughs in a surprising way. All in all, this movie is one of my all-time favorite horror films.

LibrarianShelbi Nov 03, 2016

The setup is an old chestnut: a group of archetypal college students on break (the nerd, the virgin, the stoner, etc.) spend a weekend in an isolated cabin where things are not what they seem. What happens in the rest of the movie contains too many spoilers to mention, but suffice it to say that the bloody mayhem and the many, many twists and turns of the plot are devilishly creative. Though the film seems drug-addled and self-possessed beyond its scares, the choice appears to be deliberate: the filmmakers are less interested in providing a slow buildup to their frights than in splattering the clichés of the form in funny, spirited ways.

Mar 04, 2016

Meta-style horror movie. Not scary but incredibly enjoyable to watch.

Nov 11, 2015

Is OK if you like Gore and more Gore, if possible to give less than 1* I would,

Sep 09, 2015

This is a spoof of horror films and it's pretty hilarious!

Aug 19, 2015

This comedic homage to the horror genre is genius. Every stupid thing you've ever seen in a horror movie is explained hilariously.

Aug 11, 2015

A very funny movie. As a horror buff, I really enjoyed all the nods to the different kinds of horror (slashers, ghosts, Hellraiser...) without taking any of them too seriously. As with most Joss Whedon movies/tv shows, the dialog is fast paced, witty, and often sassy. A bit gorey, but not really scary, so don't watch this if you want to take something seriously.

papajim13 Jun 13, 2015

One of the worst movies in 2015! This movie is not worth watching FREE! What a waste of time watching this one!

Jan 25, 2015

An excellent pastiche of the "teenagers-in-a-strange-place" horror genre with Lovecraftian overtones. Snappy dialogue, good acting, spectacular special effects. My favorite quote: "Your basic human needs disgust me".

Dec 12, 2014

With influences as varied as Sam Raimi, Kevin Smith, and Michael Haneke, Drew Goddard’s wickedly original monster movie doesn’t just poke fun at every single horror cliché you can think of, it mercilessly exploits them for its own twisted purpose while at the same time shooting genre fans a big lop-sided grin. Starting out like any other teen scream movie, the usual college archetypes (slut, jock, stoner, virgin, egghead) climb into a van and head for a cousin’s backwoods cabin for a weekend of alcohol-fuelled mischief. But this is not going to be an ordinary getaway for right from the beginning their every move is being monitored and manipulated by a small army of technicians nestled in an elaborate underground complex brimming with high-tech wizardry. From a creepy encounter with a gas station attendant to a pile of unpleasant surprises awaiting them in the cabin’s basement, everything seems to be scripted, right down to the cleverly concealed nozzles emitting mood-altering pheromones. When the scary stuff finally does arrive the unfortunate kids are left to fight for their lives while their cynical observers crack jokes and sip coffee. Only gradually do we become aware of the reasons behind this intricate ruse, and the final earthshaking reveal proves both monstrously evil and brazenly cheeky. Goddard’s impish mix of paranoia, terror, and youtube parody pays loving (if somewhat warped) homage to so many cult favourites I lost count, but sly references to The Shining, Evil Dead, Hellraiser, and Stephen King’s It were unmistakable. A conspiracy theory penned by H. P. Lovecraft, a satirical jab at what makes audiences squirm, or a smug practical joke aimed at our insatiable appetite for the macabre; The Cabin in the Woods is all of these, plus a damned good time to boot!

Dec 01, 2014

The story of five college friends staying at a cabin in the woods who are attacked by zombies and begin to die one by one is formulaic and is meant to be. They need to die on schedule in order to apease monsters and save the world. Some technicians, watching the proceedings try to help the process along but are so inept one wonders how they succeeded in previous years. Some good laughs--maybe not all intentional. Kind of an interesting twist on this type of movie but I longed for a better ending.

Nov 23, 2014

“The Cabin in the Woods” is a Joss Whedon film from 2012. It follows five unfortunate friends as they take a vacation to a remote cabin located in the eerie woods. As it turns out, the cabin belongs to the secret ‘Organization’, which is a group that needs to sacrifice five teens (each teen fitting into a certain ‘role’) in order to satisfy multiple ancient creatures that live under Earth’s surface. As the teens vacation, they unwittingly release a family of bloodthirsty, redneck zombies from the ‘Organization’. The teens are slowly picked off based on their roles, but luckily, two teens manage to evade the zombies and the ‘Organization’ long enough to unleash Hell onto the ones who want them dead.

“The Cabin in the Woods” is an extremely clever movie. It follows the base layout of typical monster movies (eg a naïve group of friends accidentally unleash a monster onto themselves), but offers a unique twist, as the characters are forced into stereotypical roles and activities that they would not normally fulfill in order to be sacrifices to the monster of the movie. The makeup and special effects in the movie are extremely well done, and all of the acting is phenomenal. While “The Cabin in the Woods” is a horror movie based on stereotypes, it makes use of a new outlook on the stereotypes to create an entertainingly intricate plot.

Overall, “The Cabin in the Woods” is a highly recommended film. It is a unique and clever take on the general monster movie genre, and is suitable for ages fifteen and up due to gore, horror, and nudity. Please be advised though that this film is incredibly gory, and is not for people who do not enjoy the horror genre and/or scare easily.

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